Twisting the night away

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As an elder, very Yorkshire person, I would like to share some of my lovely memories of my and my family’s, time in Thornhill Lees and Mirfield.

I was born and lived in Brewery Lane up until I was 17.

Memories of Thornhill Lees are many and thanks to my brother Alan, I have been able to relive some of them, including Watkies the best shop around then and of course Mrs Moses who used to send me to get her snuff.

As a young child I hated this but did it for sixpence but my mum told her not to ask me anymore so that was that.

Here is one of my photos of yesteryear. I wonder how many of your readers recognise themselves from this taken around 1963 at the town hall.

It was a competition for the best “twisters”.

No I didn’t win but came second and I will not say which is me.

Pauline FARRELL (nee CROFT)

Packsaddle Park