Trout on the ark, sliced bread and water pistols – yes, it’s the Bible!

The Reduced Shakespeare Company.
The Reduced Shakespeare Company.
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Fire, brimstone and a vengeful God doesn’t usually make for the best comedy show.

But the Reduced Shakespeare Company somehow took that most serious and solemn of subjects and turned it into the best night out I’ve had for ages.

The two-hour show tells the story of the Old and New Testament in a lightning fast romp from Eve appearing out of Adam’s body Alien-the-movie style, to the Easter Bunny (yes really).

My favourite part of the show was the audience participation section, where members of the crowd were invited (dragged) up on stage to represent the animals going into the ark two by two.

I was in hysterics as the poor ‘animals’ were forced to wear masks and imitate the beasts’ noises – and I’d give a comedy award to the trout!

As well as jokes the show featured songs, baby Jesus born with a goatee, Jesus in later life doling out sliced bread and rubbery fish into the audience and everyone being ‘flooded’ with a water pistol.

The show was banned by a Northern Irish council, who believed it mocked Christianity, but luckily for people living there the ban has been lifted and they can enjoy this fantastic performance.

Described as an ‘affectionate, irreverent roller coaster ride’, it’s fun from start to finish and the performers’ interpretation of these historical stories is clever, inspired, and above all, utterly hilarious.