Trio avoid jail over group street fight

SENTENCED: But not jailed, as attackers have prison terms suspended.
SENTENCED: But not jailed, as attackers have prison terms suspended.

Three men have avoided prison after a running attack in Ravensthorpe.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Mahboob Khan, 44, along with nephews Iftikar Khan, 26, and Mahmood Khan, 29, drove to a house in Northstead at around 11pm on September 9 last year.

The court was then told the three stopped the car and got out when they saw two brothers sat on a doorstep. Iftikar produced a hockey stick, with which he smashed the windows of another parked car, believed to have belonged to one of them. There was then a running fight between the two groups, which went down a nearby cul-de-sac.

Mahboob was then hit with a concrete flagstone, which caused the Khans to retreat to their car and drive away.

Defending Mahboob, Andrew Dallas said the men were originally only visiting the house to discuss a feud between the two families with one of the elders.

However, Judge Tom Bayliss QC disagreed. He said: “I don’t accept that there was an entirely innocent reason for their visit.”

Mr Dallas said: “The only person seriously injured was Mahboob, who has a permanent scar on his head.”

Sentencing the trio for affray, Judge Bayliss said: “What purpose would there have been (for the visit) other than causing a violent incident?”

He sentenced each of the Khans to five months in prison suspended for two years. Each of them received 200 hours community service.