Trevor’s settling in on farm in Whitley

NEW ARRIVAL: Trevor, pictured with and his mum Daisy. (d06071169)
NEW ARRIVAL: Trevor, pictured with and his mum Daisy. (d06071169)
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Meet Trevor – the latest arrival on a farm in Whitley.

Trevor the donkey was born on Friday, just one day after three goat triplets were born on the farm at Charlotte’s Ice Cream Parlour in The Meadows.

Farm owner Geoffrey Wraithmell said Trevor, along with the goats who have yet to be named, were settling in well. He added: “To be honest, it’s so fantastic, you wouldn’t believe it.

“The donkey is there running around with his mother, without any assistance or anything. It’s the same with the goats.

“Nature is so wonderful. We couldn’t survive like this, but they can find their footing and they are away.”

Trevor was named by three regular customers.

Mr Wraithmell said: “It’s a bit of a comical name for a donkey!”

As well as goats and donkeys, the farm has geese, rabbits, pigs, hens, ducks, sheep, ostriches and, of course, the Jersey cows responsible for keeping the ice cream parlour fully stocked.