Test ride an e-bike at cycling event in Dewsbury's Crow Nest Park

Dewsbury residents will have a chance to test ride an e-bike at Crow Nest Park this weekend and discover an alternative to cars, trains and buses.

By Dominic Brown
Friday, 24th June 2022, 2:00 pm

Visitors are also welcome to turn up find out more about e-bikes, cycle training and Cycle 2Work at the War Memorial in the park from 10.30am until 4.30pm on Saturday, June 25.

This is the first of five “Try an E-bike” events in June and July in different parts of Dewsbury organised by EPIKs, a local environmental not for profit organisation, with support of Dewsbury’s Kirklees councillors.

Test rides with an instructor are free to residents but ideally are pre-booked and are suitable for adults who can already ride a bike.

Visitors to Crow Nest Park in Dewsbury on Saturday, June 25 will be able to test ride an e-bike

Chas Ball, event organiser, said: “At a time of rising fuel prices and transport disruption, e-bikes are a real alternative.

"They are increasingly popular for short journeys and make cycling an attractive option in hilly areas.

"With an electric motor to help you pedal, e-bikes make journey times shorter, and hill climbs easier.

“As the benefits of the e-bike become clearer, they will become a normal way to make short journeys.

"Finding the right e-bike can be a challenge, so we’re offering Dewsbury residents the chance to try one locally for free.

"We are delighted Dewsbury’s councillors are supporting a focus on cycling with events all over the summer.”

For more information, visit www.epiks.org.uk

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