Mum of Dewsbury schoolgirl hit by a car raises road safety fears

The mum of a teenager hit by a car on her way home from school has thanked neighbours and the emergency services for everything they did to help.

Thursday, 11th November 2021, 5:26 pm
Sarah Kaye in hospital

Sarah Kaye, 13, was crossing Station Lane in Heckmondwike – just yards from her home – when she was struck by a Toyota.

Neighbours heard the commotion and came rushing to help, comforting Sarah at the roadside until paramedics arrived.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance landed nearby and medics helped treat Sarah at the roadside before she was transported to hospital by road ambulance.

Sarah, who suffered a broken shoulder and a broken leg, is now recovering at home and mum Nicola said: “It could have been so much worse and we are just grateful it wasn’t a larger vehicle.

“Everyone has been so kind and we want to thank them for all the good wishes.”

Sarah, a student at St John Fisher Academy in Dewsbury, was heading home to Mallard Close at just after 3.30pm on Wednesday, November 3, when the accident happened.

It’s a journey she has made countless times before and she crossed Station Lane near the junction with Carriage Way.

Nicola, 41, said: “It’s always really busy at that time and people have asked why Sarah didn’t cross on the pedestrian crossing at the top of Station Lane but that’s even more dangerous with traffic coming from three different directions.

“Crossing where she does means you can see down the road under the railway bridge.”

Neighbours, including community nurse Sarah Bentley and Jamie Asquith, rushed to Sarah’s aid and there were frantic calls to Sarah’s mum and dad Darren, 43.

Mum-of-three Nicola was at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield for an out-patients appointment and Darren rushed back from work in Birstall.

Nicola added: “I wanted to get to her as soon as I could but I was already at one of the hospitals she could potentially go to.

"The paramedics consulted the trauma unit at Leeds but decided to take Sarah by road to Pinderfields and I was sat in A&E waiting for her.”

Nicola has now written to Heckmondwike councillor Aafaq Butt and Batley and Spen MP Kim Leadbeater and wants to highlight the road safety dangers.

It was only two weeks ago that Sarah herself posted on Facebook group Heckmondwike Matters about drivers who did not indicate.

Sarah, who has had a stack of cards and sweets from well-wishers, has had a plate inserted in her shinbone and will be off school for some time and will need a wheelchair as she will not be able to use crutches.

Nicola said there was no blame attached to the driver and what happened was just an accident.