Latest on travelling in and out of the UK for an autumn break

Here are a few of the issues raised by Total Travel columnist Katie Butler, which have made members of the public wary before booking a holiday abroad.

By Sam McKeown
Tuesday, 20th October 2020, 1:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th October 2020, 1:38 pm

What are the latest announcements from the FCDO ( Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office), and is there anywhere the UK public can travel to without quarantine on return?

Last week saw Italy slip off the ‘travel Corridor’ list and the requirement to quarantine on arrival back to the UK.

The Greek Island of Crete came back as a destination you are able to travel to and so most of the Greek Islands are a possibility, but of course Greece has a short season and most hotels close at the end of October.

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Latest on travelling in and out of the UK for a autumn holiday

Cyprus and Madeira are an option but there are requirements for both destinations with regard to providing a negative Covid test or taking a test on arrival.

So what are your options if your holiday goes ahead?

There may be some changes to your package holiday. Whether the changes to your particular holiday are significant or not will depend on the specific circumstances and will determine what your options are.

If there are minor changes, your holiday company should give you as much information on these changes as possible.

If the main services included in your holiday can go ahead, there’s no entitlement to a free cancellation.

It could depend on the type of holiday you’ve booked, but the following are likely to be examples of minor changes: social distancing, wearing of masks, changes to the way meals are provided: for example, no buffets, self-check-in, closure of bars/ restaurants/ entertainment in the resort or access to facilities can’t be provided to all people all the time. Speak to your travel provider if you have any concerns.

There are rumours of a ‘Circuit breaker’ lockdown, what does this mean and how will this impact my booked holiday if I am due to travel?

Circuit breakers have been used in some countries as a way of reducing the number of cases of Coronavirus by stopping the way it can spread.

As we don’t know the ins and outs of this, and if this will actually happen in our area we don’t really know what this would involve, but if it is lockdown similar to what we experienced in March, then holidays won’t go ahead and we expect you will be offered a date change or refund.

Another concern is if people book an overseas holiday for 2021 and they’re looking to purchase travel insurance, what type of things should they be checking for cover?

We talk about travel insurance all the time and the importance of having a good policy in place and this has never been more important than now.

Things to consider may be If the FCDO changes its advice before you travel -if you have been told to self isolate by the NHS but haven’t been tested, if a family or household member is diagnosed with Covid-19 meaning you have to self isolate, if you are diagnosed while abroad.