Tragic Thornhill tot’s mum spared jail after breaking court order with Facebook posts

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A mother found by a family judge to have inflicted fatal head injuries on her daughter has been spared jail by the same judge after breaching reporting restrictions in her case by going on Facebook.

Mr Justice Moylan ruled today (Friday) at London’s High Court that it would not be “proportionate” to jail Victoria Rogers for contempt of court after she said she “bitterly regretted” her actions and would not breach the restrictions order again.

The judge had decided during earlier family civil proceedings that, on the balance of probabilities, injuries sustained by Ms Rogers’ daughter Summer Rogers-Ratcliffe “were caused by her mother”.

The existence of the family judge’s ruling at Teesside County Court was first made known last month.

It followed a separate inquest during which a coroner found that 21-month-old Summer was “unlawfully killed”.

Summer sustained the fatal injuries at her home in Nook Green, Thornhill, some time before 9am on February 27, 2012.

She died in hospital in the early hours of the following day.

Ancillary nurse Miss Rogers, 27; Summer’s stepfather, Craig Sharp, 34, and her grandmother, Susan Rogers, 58, were arrested seven months later as they were the only people in the house during the time in which Summer was hurt.

All three insisted they had not touched the girl and did not know how she suffered the injuries.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to bring criminal proceedings.

Ms Rogers was accused of breaching reporting restrictions imposed by the judge by putting four posts on the Facebook page “Justice for Summer Mai” on July 24.