‘Too scared’ to go home

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Police have released CCTV images of the moments before robbers confronted a single mum in her bedroom.

Anisa Lorgat was catching up on TV in bed when three men crept into the room and demanded gold. Her 11-year-old son, Faheem, was sleeping in a nearby bedroom.

The pictures are being used by police to issue an appeal for anyone who recognises the men to come forward.

The robbery took place in Howley Walk, Batley, on Tuesday January 6 at about 11.30pm.

Fearing another ordeal, self-employed beauty worker Anisa now lives part-time with her mother in the Mount Pleasant area.

She only occasionally stays in Howley Walk with a friend and is hoping for a transfer by Yorkshire Housing.

“It doesn’t get any easier, I can’t sleep at night when I’m there. Everything you hear, you just assume they’ve come back,” she said.

“It’s the fear there now. There’s just no peace of mind or rest when you put your head down.

“It’s not an option since the incident. I haven’t been back at all on my own.

“Faheem doesn’t want to go home. I’m scared as a grown woman, he’s only a child – I don’t expect him to want to go back. I just hope somebody knows them and comes forward.”

The culprits are thought to be from the Leeds area – where Faheem’s snatched bag turned up in Cardinal Square within an hour of the break-in.

Just before the robbery, 31-year-old Anisa heard a rattle downstairs and thought it was a neighbour. In fact, the men had broken in through the kitchen window.

When Anisa told them she had no gold, but to take a bag containing cash, she was forced to watch as they trashed her bedroom.

The men fled with items including a mobile phone and cosmetic boxes.

She described them as Afro-Caribbean and Asian, in their late-20s or early-30s, and of “butch” build.

The CCTV images were taken from a neighbour’s house.

PC Nicole Senior of the Huddersfield Robbery Team said: “It is thought that the suspects may have been in the area an hour before the incident happened.”

Phone 101 with any information on the robbery or if you can identify the men pictured.