THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Sunday, April 23

Cleckheaton Methodist Church.Cleckheaton Methodist Church.
Cleckheaton Methodist Church.
With Andrew Santry, Cleckheaton Methodist Church.

In the last few weeks the media has been filled with stories of bad news: terrorist attacks in London and Stockholm, famine in East Africa, and chemical weapons used in the continuing conflict in Syria.

Last week we celebrated Easter and remembered the events of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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Jesus suffered the most humiliating and violent death, as he was crucified on a Roman cross, yet even in death showed compassion and love.

He asked for forgiveness for those who crucified him, and thought of the needs of his mother Mary.

Three days later Jesus triumphed over the grave and rose again.

The message of Easter is a message of hope, a message of love that overcomes hatred, of good overcoming evil and of light shining brightly in the darkness.

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As we look at the events which continue to happen in the world in which we live, we can see the desperate need for that same message today.

We are not all in a position to directly influence world events, but we can make a difference where we live.

We can choose to work for good in our communities, we can choose to be beacons of hope in a world in despair, and most importantly we can choose love instead of hatred.

By following the path of Jesus, and choosing to love our neighbours, whoever they are, we can play our part in starting to change our world for the better.

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