These are the top 10 celebs Yorkshire folk want to see on their money

Diana Princess of Wales.Diana Princess of Wales.
Diana Princess of Wales.
With the Bank of England confirming the release of the new £20 banknote to be released in 2020, new research reveals the most eligible celebrity faces the nation wants to see printed on a bank note.

The first ever national treasure to be seen on a £20 note back in 19701 was English poet, William Shakespeare, with other notable figures including Winston Churchill, Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen being a handful of the sixteen icons (excluding her majesty the queen of course) also celebrated for shaping the country’s values.

But which other household names from the celebrity world do people believe have earnt their place on the nation’s hard-earned cash?

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In a poll of over 2,000 UK adults, carried out by Hitachi Personal Finance, the public crowned Sir David Attenborough (39%) as the person they most want to see printed on legal tender, potentially earning him the right to appear on a prestigious £50 banknote?

Dame Judi Dench.Dame Judi Dench.
Dame Judi Dench.

The second most wanted is the people’s princess, Princess Diana (28%), followed by Dame Judi Dench (18%) who scored higher among women (20%) compared to men (13%).

The top ten British celebrities the nation wants to see on a banknote:

1: David Attenborough (44%)

2: Princess Diana (29%)

3: Dame Judi Dench (22%)

4: Freddie Mercury (20%)

5: David Bowie (19%)

6: Ian Mckellen (13%)7:

Stephen Fry (9%)

8: Peter Kay (9%)

9: Elton John (9%)

10: J K Rowling (9%)

From royalty to musicians, reality TV stars to comedians, picking favourites isn’t usually British etiquette, however, the results rank British stars from top to bottom, revealing a few home truths for those who may think they are at the top of their game in 2018.

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Shockingly, The Spice Girls gained the same low level of public backing as queen of reality TV, Gemma Collins (2%), and when it comes to the Gallaghers, Liam (4%) was revealed to have more loyal fans, narrowly overtaking his older sibling Noel (3%).

Dani Dyer (1%) may have been the winner of award-winning reality television show Love Island this year, but she placed low down the list when it comes to making the shortlist for a banknote appearance, with her father, Danny (4%), also scoring low across the board.

Vincent Reboul, Managing Director at Hitachi Personal Finance, says: “Becoming a national treasure doesn’t happen overnight, the British public has always been very proud of the rich talent produced in our country and being the face of a banknote is a huge honour to those who’ve influenced the nation. This is a conversation topic everyone can get on board with, as many will have strong opinions on who we personally favour, and why.”