The time has come to turn the clocks back

Autumn is here, the temperatures are dropping, the nights are fast drawing in – and this weekend it will be time to turn the clocks back.

The time changes at 2am this Sunday, October 25, as clocks should be set back an hour, giving us an extra hour in bed - so don’t miss out on your extra sleep.

How do I remember which direction to change the clocks?

An easy way to remember is using the old phrase: “Spring forward, fall back” (Though this does mean you using the American term for autumn).

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When the hour changes, we’ll be shifting from British Summer Time (BST) to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The clocks always go forward an hour on the last weekend in March in spring (March 27 in 2016), and go back on the last weekend of October in autumn.

Why do we change the clocks?

Experts remain divided over the benefits over changing the clocks.

Reasons given in favour are that it saves energy, reduces accidents and crime, and is good for business.

Those arguing against say there is no clear, decisive evidence it saves energy, and point to potential health risks.