Teenager taken to hospital after fall from cliff danger spot

The Scar, Thornhill Edge. (d10031148)
The Scar, Thornhill Edge. (d10031148)
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A TEENAGE girl was airlifted to hospital after falling 30ft from a cliff in Dewsbury.

Alice Bell, 13, was playing with friends when she slipped on a high rock face, known as The Scar, on Tuesday.

She was taken to Leeds General Infirmary after the fall knocked her unconscious and caused head injuries.

Thornhill Community Science College, where Alice is a pupil, was closed for staff training when she fell at 2.15pm.

On behalf of the family, a school spokesman said: “The latest information that we have is that Alice has not suffered any serious injuries, but she is extremely battered and bruised.”

Stuart Wilson, of Grange View, said he had been sitting on a bench at the top of the cliff, which is near High Street in Thornhill, when Alice walked by with four or five friends.

He said: “Then one of the girls came up and said her friend had fallen and wasn’t breathing. She was in a bad way and we had to calm her down.”

Mr Wilson there were often teenagers on the rocks, and there had been seven accidents in the past three years.

He said: “You can’t stop them going down. I’m concerned all the time.”

A handrail was placed at the the top of the edge after 11-year-old Marcus Allison rode his bike over it last year.

Celia Lyman, who lives in High Street, said the air ambulance landed in the field behind her house. Alice, of Batley, was then carried down to it on a stretcher.

Community Science College headteacher David Powell said: “We were all shocked and saddened to hear of the accident involving Alice Bell.

“We are, however, very pleased to hear that her injuries are not as serious as first thought and we hope that she continues to make good progress in hospital.”

A fire service spokesman said that some of Alice’s friends were given oxygen and treated for shock.

A police spokesman said there were no suspicious circumstances and that Alice was due home yesterday afternoon.