Teenage kitten killer in court

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A TEENAGER killed his ex-girlfriend’s kitten when he put it in a pillowcase and slammed it against the wall, a court heard.

Matthew Faulkingham, 19, split up with Stacie Baker when she ended the relationship.

The next day he went to her home where he attacked the two-month-old tortoiseshell cat, Daisy.

Faulkingham, of Moorside Avenue, Dewsbury Moor, then texted Miss Baker, 19, telling her, ‘I’ve killed your cat and wrecked your stuff. I hope I have ruined your life like you have ruined mine.’

Miss Baker rushed to her home in Beverley to find her cat’s body stuffed in a suitcase in the garden shed.

Faulkingham had also thrown paint over many of her belongings, causing £450 of damage.

Prosecuting at Beverley Magistrates Court on Monday, Philip Brown said the animal suffered terrible injuries in the attack, which happened in July last year, and had died from a blunt trauma which had caused her liver and lungs to rupture.

Faulkingham, who had pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, will be sentenced later.

RSPCA inspector Hannah Bryer said: “This was a horrific act of deliberate cruelty carried out with the purpose of causing suffering to this cat’s owner, Faulkingham’s ex-girlfriend.

“Not only did Daisy suffer terribly before her death but her owner continues to do so.”