Teen stabbed at crashed party

Stab wound on the neck of Matthew Rzepkowski. (d08061122)
Stab wound on the neck of Matthew Rzepkowski. (d08061122)
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A TEENAGER was slashed across the throat at a house party.

Matthew Rzepkowski, 17, was at a party in Nixon Close, Thornhill, on Friday night when he was attacked.

The party was hosted by one of Matthew’s friends, whose parents were on holiday.

During the evening, there was an argument and some of the guests were asked to leave. Later, at about 1am, a gang of 13 peole arrived at the house.

Mr Rzepkowski, of Partridge Crescent, Thornhill, said: “I was outside and at first I thought it was a police raid because they all rushed in.”

As the group went in to the house, Mr Rzepkowski felt something hit his head.

But he did not realise he’d been stabbed until he went inside.

The teenager said: “We all got together in the house and everyone started screaming, and everyone said, ‘Matty, your neck’.”

When Mr Rzepkowski looked in a mirror, he saw that he had been slashed down the left side of his neck.

He said: “I just stayed calm. Everyone else was panicking, but I didn’t want to panic. I stayed calm and waited for an ambulance.”

Mr Rzepkowski said that one of his friends was knocked unconscious when the party was gatecrashed, while another was beaten with garden furniture.

When an ambulance arrived, Mr Rzepkowski was taken to Pinderfields Hospital, where he had to have 17 stitches.

Mr Rzepkowski, who works at Asda in Dewsbury, said: “My parents were a bit shocked when they came to hospital, but everyone is alright with it.

“When I go back to work, that will be a bit annoying because I’ll have to explain what happened over and over again.”

A police spokeswoman said two men from Sheffield, both aged 22, had been arrested and released on bail.