Talk about tickled Pink! Spen couple hailed by US star

It’s not every day that your American rock star idol asks to frame one of your portraits on the wall of their home, but for one creative Spen couple that scenario is now a reality.
Robyn Garside and James Clennett.Robyn Garside and James Clennett.
Robyn Garside and James Clennett.

A painting of punk rocker Pink, composed by Birkenshaw artist Robyn Garside and her photographer partner James Clennett, is to be shipped across the Atlantic after the True Love singer took a shine to the artwork on Twitter.

Robyn and James, who started their business Clennett Creations earlier this year with the help of the Prince’s Trust, specialise in wedding and portrait photography.

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The portrait of Pink, who is a hero of Robyn’s, features her alongside her husband Carey Hart and their daughter Willow.

Upon seeing the link to the piece online the singer, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, commented that it was “holy amazing,” and added: “It’s sooooo beautiful. Thanks!” before asking to have it sent over to be hung up in the couple’s home.

Robyn said: “I was bowled over by the request and it’s such an honour.

“I have also recently showcased in London’s Castle Fine Art gallery for the Prince’s Trust Inspiring Art fundraising event, so things are really looking good.

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“Whilst in London at the Prince’s Trust event, my partner and I were lucky enough to meet with Royal Artist and Prince’s Trust ambassador, Darren Baker. We spoke with Darren about exhibiting my artwork in his London Gallery, The Darren Baker Gallery, so things are looking great.”

They say the first year of a business’ life can be the hardest. After receiving rave reviews from the seller of 45 million albums, things may be just a little bit easier now for Robyn and James.

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