Speeding device will make Mirfield’s roads safer

A speed indication device
A speed indication device
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Speeding drivers travelling through Mirfield will get a stark reminder that they need to slow down after a new deterrent was funded.

Mirfield, Denby Dale and Kirkburton Area Committee agreed to fund a speed indicator device for the town at its meeting last week.

The sign, which flashes a drivers’ speed as they pass and records the data for later analysis, will be used at six different locations in Mirfield over the next three years.

And councillors need your help to decide where they should be best placed.

Coun Bolt said: “The indicator devices are part of a range of safety measure used to address bad driving. The data collected will be used by police, Highways and other agencies to look at where exactly they need to target their resources to tackle speeding.

“And it acts as an awakener to slow people down when they see the speed they are hitting.

“We want to know what roads the people of Mirfield think there are issues with speeding. We’ve already had some suggestions, like the Crossley Lane junction or Shill Bank Lane. The intention is to make Mirfield’s roads safer.

The committee had originally been asked to approve £8,500 to fund the sign for a year, but Coun Bolt suggested that they extended the project to provide £17,500 so that the scheme could run for three years.

He said: “There is scope for this to make a very big difference in a short space of time, which is why we extended the scheme.”

Have your say by searching for the Mirfield Matters group on Facebook or by contacting Coun Bolt directly.