Spectrals’ Louis is back with new LP

Acclaimed Heckmondwike singer-songwriter Louis Jones has revealed the details of his new album as Spectrals.

Sob Story will be released on Monday June 3 and is the follow-up Spectrals’ 2011 debut album, Bad Penny.

Like Louis’ last record, it will be released on highly-respected indie label Wichita Recordings – noted for its work with artists like Bloc Party and The Cribs.

Spectrals’ return was announced last week when a new track, Milky Way, surfaced online. The song picked up coverage on influential US music website Pitchfork and was praised in last week’s edition of the legendary NME.

Louis recorded the album with his brother and band member Will at Decibelle Recording Studio in San Francisco. Production comes courtesy of Chet “JR” White, former guitarist in cult American band Girls.

Sob Story promises to be catchier and poppier than its predecessor, with influences ranging from Big Star and the Rolling Stones to Tom Petty and Blink 182.

Spectrals’ last album took Louis across the globe, touring with hyped indie bands including Girls, Cults, Best Coast, Real Estate and West Yorkshire brethren The Cribs.

New live dates will be announced in the run up to the release of Sob Story. The album’s tracklist is as follows:

1. Let Me Cave In

2. A Heartbeat Behind

3. Karaoke

4. Sob Story

5. Milky Way

6. Friend Zone

7. Limousine

8. Something To Cry About

9. Blue Whatever

10. Keep Your Magic Out of My House

11. Gentle

12. In A Bad Way

You can listen to Milky Way online now at soundcloud.com/spectrals/milky-way.