Slideshow: Eternal Teenage Syndrome EP launch review by Russ Petcher

Eternal Teenage Syndrome

EP launch

Eternal Teenage Syndrome. Picture by Bronterain.

Eternal Teenage Syndrome. Picture by Bronterain.

The Comrades Club, Heckmondwike

I’ve been to The Comrades Club on countless occasions but this had to be quite possibly my best experience of visiting this increasingly popular venue.

I arrived fashionably late and really wished I hadn’t, but I soon caught up with my drinking buddies and was lucky enough to find a spot to stand in to watch this much hyped local three-piece perform their stuff.

Tonight was Eternal Teenage Syndromes EP launch and a large majority of the audience appeared to be clad in ETS t-shirts which I thought was nice.

Now I don’t claim to be a full on ETS fan just yet as I haven’t really heard much by the band but what I did hear was enough to make me believe that these guys are definitely destined for bigger things.

The playing abilities from all three members were phenomenal and it was like watching three frontmen instead of one.

The songs sounded epic in proportion and they weren’t your typical verse-chorus-verse kind of songs which is why I enjoyed them so much.

Russ Petcher.

Watch the slideshow to see pictures taken at the launch by Bronterain.