Show and tell at Bagshaw Museum

Jenny Wilson as Miss Inform, who will be a guide to Bagshaw Museum.
Jenny Wilson as Miss Inform, who will be a guide to Bagshaw Museum.

Visitors to Bagshaw Museuem have the chance to bring a little bit of themselves along for the ride.

The museum will host a series of show-and-tell events in which visitors can bring their own treasured possessions and trinkets.

And a character called Miss Inform, played by Jenny Wilson from arts group Irregular Arts, will turn up in a variety of forms to help people make sense of the museum.

Linda Levick, from the museum, said: “Show and Tell is for everybody, even if you’ve never been to the museum before.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for people to discover Bagshaw’s exotic collection of trophies and trinkets and we want people of all ages and backgrounds to take part.

“I’m really looking forward to people bringing along their own treasured objects or collections and hearing all about the stories behind them as we create the new People’s Exhibition.”

The People’s Exhibition, which is due to open Saturday April 18, will feature examples, representations and photographs of the objects brought in by visitors during the Miss Inform sessions.

Jenny said: “I’m very excited about Miss Inform taking up residence in the museum and hosting a variety show, not somewhere you’d normally expect something like this to happen.

“Miss Inform will always be a museum guide but she will appear as lots of different characters while she is here.”

The Show and Tell sessions will take place at the museum in Wilton Park on March 1, 7 and 15, and April 9, 1pm-4pm,