Shocked at the state of Caulms Wood

On a recent visit to Caulms Wood I was appalled at its state of decline.
It seems only a short time ago that the whole area was given a thorough overhaul and revamped.
Flower beds were laid out, pathways introduced with stone wall borders, seats put in on which people could sit and enjoy the surroundings.
There was even one part designed to represent the history of Dewsbury, with lock gates etc and an exclusive rose garden which people could enjoy.
All this revamp as I remember was presented at a splendid opening ceremony fronted by Prof Bellamy. He predicted a great future for the area on which a great deal of money and hard work had been spent.
More recently a children’s playground was added at considerable cost.
Yet what have we now? A whole area where human and nature’s vandals have been allowed to run riot.
Walls have been knocked down with no attempt to repair, seating has been damaged and nature has been allowed to take over. There are weeds of differing shapes and sizes growing everywhere.
Grassy areas have taken over and pathways almost obliterated. The children’s playground has been taken away. All for what? 
However I will end on a cheerful note. If you like blackberries go to Caulms Wood, there are thousands of them waiting to be picked because the briars have been allowed to run wild.
While you are picking blackberries, you might like to pull up a few weeds at the same time!

Geoffrey N Smith

Bedford Avenue
Grange Moor