Secrets could be unearthed

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The hidden secrets of Thornhill could be unearthed by archaeologists.

Budding archaeologists are hoping to set up a new group and begin work to excavate the Savile Estate Yard in Overthorpe Road.

Richard Rogalewski, who is leading the project, said the new archeological society could uncover 13th century artefacts during the proposed dig.

Mr Rogalewski, 57, of Partridge Crescent, Thornhill, said: “I’m excited because of what I have read about previous excavations.

“The principle archaeologist at Wakefield Archives has already visited the proposed excavation site and it is envisioned that a professional archaeologist will be brought in to train volunteers and provide site oversight.

“Inspiration for the society was the clearing of buildings on the site of Savile Estate Yard, which is a stone’s-throw away from the site of The Cross - one of the oldest sites in Thornhill revealing human activity.”

In 1976 archaeologists found 13th century pottery after an excavation at The Cross, near Overthorpe Road, close to the Estate Yard.

Evidence of iron smelting was also found, which could date back to Saxon times.

Ian Sanderson, from the West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service, said: “I think that forming a new society is a great idea, anything to engage people in the history of Thornhill is to be welcomed.

“There could well be medieval history there and it will be interesting to investigate that with professional training.

“We have recommended that the new society applies to the Heritage Lottery for funding and we will give them advice on the project.”

The group is currently looking for a chairman and more members.

Mr Rogalewski added: “There’s an opportunity for us to involve the community.

“It creates a community spirit when people join in adventures like this .”

For more information about the society or to join search Thornhill by Dewsbury Archeological Forum on