Searching for Maureen

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I HOPE your readers can help in my search for a lost relation.

Our family has been planning a huge family reunion for both sides of our parents’ four generation families Cushen’s and Hyland’s.

It has been a time-consuming task but also very rewarding. To date every family has been contacted that is apart from the one nearest to us.

The families from various parts of Ireland, England and Wales will be getting together in September in Dublin the place of birth of all our parents.

The missing link is my 64-year-old cousin Maureen Hyland.

Maureen was born and brought up in Thornhill, in Edge Avenue, and attended Notre Dame Grammar school.

She is the only child of the late John and Kathleen Hyland. I lost contact with her after her father’s death in 1978. At that time she was still living in Dewsbury with her partner and three children.

She had maternal relations in Dewsbury and it is these relations I am hoping will be able to offer news on Maureen’s whereabouts. We would hope that if contacted she would want to attend the reunion and meet up with her 120-plus relations, or at least provide information to help complete the extensive family tree.


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