Samurai man jailed

A MAN who was found with knives and drugs in his car has been jailed for 21 months.

Kesar Hamid, 26, was already subject to a suspended prison sentence for having a samurai sword when he was stopped by police.

Leeds Crown Court heard how officers found cannabis, a grinder and a craft knife in Hamid’s car in March this year.

Mike Jowitt, prosecuting, said that when Hamid was arrested in Dewsbury town centre, he had to be moved from a police car into a van because he was trying to smash the car window with his head.

On May 31, police again found cannabis in Hamid’s car when it was parked outside a taxi office.

Then, in the early hours of September 9, he was pulled over in Well Lane, Dewsbury Moor.

When they searched his car, officers found a lock knife with a 3.5in blade in a case strapped underneath the driver’s seat.

On Monday, the court heard Hamid was given a 12 month suspended jail sentence last year for affray and possessing an offensive weapon.

Mr Jowitt said Hamid was seen in a car on the M606 motorway, waving a samurai sword out the window. He was later involved in a fight with three soldiers from Liverpool.

Hamid, of Well Lane, admitted all the charges at earlier hearings. But Stephen Uttley, mitigating, said there was no suggestion that Hamid had used the craft knife or the lock knife.

Sentencing him, Judge Kerry MacGill said the court could draw obvious conclusions as to why he had strapped a knife under his car seat.

Judge MacGill activated nine months of Hamid’s suspended sentence for breaching the order.

He added three months for possessing the craft knife and nine months for possessing the lock knife.

Another month was added for each of two counts of possessing cannabis, to run concurrently.