Readers share their views on Karen Matthews’ release from prison

DUE FOR RELEASE: Karen Matthews.
DUE FOR RELEASE: Karen Matthews.

NEWS that Karen Matthews is expected to be released from prison today has sparked debate on the Dewsbury Reporter Facebook fanpage.

ITV’s Daybreak ran a series of interviews with local people this morning and was reporting live from Foston Hall Prison in Derbyshire.

Matthews’ friend Julie Bushby has also spoken to This Morning about visiting her in prison.

Here’s what some of our readers had to say.

Judith Mayman said: “Y do they feel the need to rake it all up again, its four ago n everyone has moved on n we don’t need reminding what that woman did to her child.”

Sylvia Foster said: “2 page report in Woman Mag this week. Agree it shouldn’t be raked up again.”

Some speculated about whether she would make money from selling her story.

David Pearson said: “I thought the law in this country was that a criminal is now allowed to profit from their crimes - like selling stories?”

Mariam Ramzan said: “I don’t think any paper would want her story as it wouldn’t be a popular move & I think it would alienate readers. Never mind the fact that it would be morally repugnant. The woman should have rotted in prison not be afforded a new life courtesy of the tax payer.”

Kellie Parkinson said: “She has paid her time, the biggest punishment that women will receive is never having a child in her life. She will not be paid for any story she tries to sell.”

Gillian Donlan said: “She may have served her time but this won’t be the end. What this women did to her child is a total disgrace least Shannon is in better care rather that been with a monster.”

Julia Kwest Kellie said: “I don’t think being deprived of her kids is much of a punishment for her. She didn’t seem to like them that much anyway!”

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