Ravensthorpe health centre toilet twinned with African latrine

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A retiring Dewsbury health visitor broke the mould and marked the end of her working life by twinning her health centre’s toilet with a Liberian latrine.

Allison Howlett did not want to leave with the usual flowers and chocolate and instead presented her colleagues with a Toilet Twinning certificate for the ladies’ loos at Ravensthorpe Health Centre.

The twinning is part of a campaign to raise funds for sanitation in some of the poorest parts of the world.

Allison, 60, was inspired to get involved after a trip to Liberia last year.

She said: “I wanted my retirement to be about something other than me.

“It reminded me of the plight of the people of Liberia, especially now Ebola has struck.

“It’s hard to comprehend that 2.5bn in the world don’t have a toilet.

“I have access to nine toilets at work, plus two at home.

“When you’ve seen children in Liberia using the fields as toilets because there’s none in their home or school it really brings it home to you, as well as seeing the massive adverse health implications of that.

“Conditions were very basic in Liberia which made me appreciate how immensely privileged we are in the UK – and I really valued my toilet.”

Allison retired on Monday after 24 years in the post.