Racing to raise cash

Radio presenters are sometimes accused of spouting a lot of hot air, but HWD Hospital Radio hopes to put that to good use when it fills the sky with balloons.

The station, which serves the patients and staff at Dewsbury and District Hospital, is holding its annual balloon race on August 27 to raise money to keep it on air 24-hours a day.

There’s also a chance for people to win a prize if they buy a balloon for £1 from the station’s stall next to Val’s Coffee Shop in Dewsbury Town Centre.

Tickets will be attached to balloons in the hope that any found from balloons which had been released and landed will be returned. The buyer of the returned ticket which has travelled the farthest will win a £200 Co-Operative travel voucher.

HWD Hospital Radio chairman Mike Binns said: “In the past we’ve had balloons travel for hundreds of miles, so we’re hoping the wind will be blowing in the right direction.”

The station is a registered charity and relies entirely on volunteers to present its weekly programmes, commentate live on local sports games and collect musical requests from the wards.

Mr Binns added: “Since the station first started in the 1950s, technology has come a long way and we need to ensure that we keep up with this. The latest computerised equipment enables us to provide a round-the-clock service to Dewsbury and District Hospital, but unfortunately this costs money.

“Our station is also a great training ground for budding radio presenters so it’s vitally important we keep going.”

You can also support HWD Hospital Radio by buying goods from well-known brands from its online shop. To find out more about the station and how you can support it, visit