Providing perfect pampering session

Kumon Y'all visit tio Charlesworth Court.
Kumon Y'all visit tio Charlesworth Court.

A Savile Town-based youth group carried out community work in Thornhill for the first time.

Kumon Y’all visited elderly residents at Charlesworth Court. The boys cleared the grounds, while the girls brought Asian food and did a pampering session for the women.

Kumon Y’all leader Farook Yunus has previously organised trips to the Walker Street Complex in Thornhill Lees.

Asma Salim, 14, said: “Spending time with the elderly residents showed us how easy it was to put a smile on their faces, and ours too.”

Court manager Julie Turton said: “Most of the residents had previously not had any contact with Asian youths and this was an excellent way to break down any barriers or preconceived thoughts on both sides.”