Prices at 
the pumps

MOTORISTS are being charged up to 10p more for a litre of fuel than they were last year.

Prices have shot up since December and now the petrol the diesel industry is to be examined by the a watchdog.

The Office of Fair Trading is to look into whether supermarkets and oil companies are making it harder for independent fuel retailers to compete.

It will also consider whether falling crude oil prices are being reflected in the prices at the pumps as drivers in North Kirklees pay up to 140.9p for a litre of unleaded fuel and even more for a litre of diesel.

Out of the six filling stations the Reporter Series has been following, two were this week charging 140.9p per litre of unleaded – BP in Liversedge and Texaco in Savile Town.

In December, BP was only charging 132.9p per litre and Texaco was charging 130.9p.

The current highest diesel prices are being charged at Jet in Shaw Cross and Shell in Mirfield, where drivers are asked to pay 143.9p for a litre of diesel.

The rise in diesel prices has not been as rapid because even in December last year the average price being charged by these six garages was 140.2p.

Tesco in Batley was this week selling the cheapest fuel, with unleaded on sale for 136.9p per litre and diesel for 141.9p per litre.

The OFT plans to publish its investigation findings in January next year.

RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister said: “There has long been a suspicion amongst drivers that pump prices are much quicker to rise than fall. Now at last we should get a definitive answer on how the market works.”

The investigation was also welcomed by the AA, though it has meant that talks between the group and former Transport Secretary Justine Greening about introducing a wholesale price indicator have been put on hold.

According to the AA, Yorkshire still has the cheapest diesel in the country and the second lowest unleaded prices.