Pontefract and Dewsbury’s JYSK UK stores act to tackle growing problem of plastic waste

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JYSK UK, which has stores in Pontefract and Dewsbury, has today announced it is reducing the cost of its bags-for-life to a profit-zero price point to encourage more customers to buy and re-use them.

It is one of a series of measures the Scandinavian-owned global furniture brand’s UK stores are introducing to tackle the growing issue of plastic waste.

Country Manager for JYSK UK, David Ashton, who was behind the initiative, said: “I want us to continue to reduce the impact we have on the environment while working as hard as possible to provide our customers with the best value bags for taking home all their JYSK purchases.

“I am delighted we will now be reducing our Big Blue Bags down to the lowest price possible – cost price.

“I really do hope that it will encourage our customers to move towards our reusable bags.

“We can always do more and we will but it is very important to me that we take every step open to us to make a difference.

“We’ve already introduced filtered water cooling systems in our stores so our staff no longer need to buy bottled water.

“Morrisons this week became the first supermarket to ban plastic fruit packaging, an inspired step and one we should expect others to follow.

“It’s great to see plastic recycling growing as a focus area for many retailers, the potential is huge - but we’ve all only just started.”

JYSK is due to open a new store in Wakefield on August 3, bringing its UK store numbers to 19 before the group starts its autumn expansion roll-out.