This is where each Kirklees MP now stands on Brexit as Parliament returns

Kirklees Labour MPs Paula Sherriff (Dewsbury), Barry Sheerman (Huddersfield) and Tracy Brabin (Batley and Spen)
Kirklees Labour MPs Paula Sherriff (Dewsbury), Barry Sheerman (Huddersfield) and Tracy Brabin (Batley and Spen)

Kirklees MPs have been giving their views and where they now stand on Brexit

Overall in Yorkshire their appears a division between Labour MPs - some of whom want to campaign for Remain in a second referendum and others who believe there should be no second deal and a revised version of Theresa May's plan should be passed by Parliament.

Meanwhile Conservative MPs are increasingly willing to accept a no deal Brexit if no new agreement can be reached with the EU before October 31.

Here is the view of each local MP:

Paula Sherriff, Dewsbury (Labour)
Three years ago, the Conservatives were tasked by the public to negotiate a passable Brexit deal. They have utterly failed to achieve a deal that satisfies either public or parliament, and, in the meantime, we’ve seen our local hospitals, schools and police left understaffed, underfunded and undervalued.

It is now time for the public to have a say over the way forward, out of the crisis, and to stop the Tory government from plunging Britain into a ruinous No Deal Brexit.

I share the frustration that areas like ours have been held back by decades without serious investment, while regions like London and the South-East have become wealthier. But leaving the EU will do nothing to address that.

Vote Leave told people round here that we would be leaving the EU with a deal which would leave working people better off and that they would be taking back control. But I do not believe that those who voted to leave in 2016, voted for our area, our national security, our public services, and our economy to become weaker. I cannot and will not allow that to happen.

I am committed to doing everything I can to stop No Deal, as well as getting a general election and a Labour government. I will be supporting a referendum to give the people the Final Say, and in that I will be campaigning to Remain and reform. We need to reform the EU, to build a more democratic, social Europe, but most of all we need to reform Britain – and invest in our communities – so that it works for the many, not just the few.

Tracy Brabin, Batley and Spen (Labour)

I want Britain to extend its membership of the EU so that we avoid a disastrous no-deal that would be terrible for Batley and Spen and terrible for Britain. During that extension there should be General Election, hopefully resulting in a Labour Government. At that point we would negotiate a credible ‘Leave’ deal and put that deal on the table in a binding referendum, with an option to ‘Remain’ also on the ballot.

Barry Sheerman, Huddersfield (Labour)
We are a great national party hoping to be in Government. We have got to have a bold policy. We should get a referendum and campaign to revoke Article 50.
Let’s be honest and let’s be absolutely clear, people are looking for honesty in their politics.
As MPs, we are told to think and act in the best interests of our constituents and our country.