Petition launched to stop Parliamentary investigation into Baroness Betty Boothroyd

A woman is appealing for people to sign her petition calling for a Parliamentary investigation into Baroness Betty Boothroyd, of Dewsbury, to be scrapped.
Baroness Betty Boothroyd, of DewsburyBaroness Betty Boothroyd, of Dewsbury
Baroness Betty Boothroyd, of Dewsbury

The 91-year-old former Speaker of the House of Commons is facing an investigation by Parliament’s ethics watchdog for failing to attend a sexual harassment awareness course - which is compulsory for peers, but not MPs - because she was recovering from open-heart surgery.

But now a petition has been set up on calling for the proceedings to be halted.

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Petition organiser Anna Burton said: “A ninety-one year old woman recovering from open heart surgery is facing investigation because she was unable to attend a sexual harassment class at what is essentially her place of work.

"She informed the appropriate people of this beforehand, making it very clear why she could neither attend nor participate online.

“She has also said that she will be happy to take part at a later date, when health allows.

“The class is simply mandatory awareness training for all members of the House of Lords. It could easily be done when this incredibly hard-working woman has had a chance to recover from a very serious operation.

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“This investigation is gross discrimination against the elderly and the ill. That it is being done in the name of ethics and standards makes it even more insulting.

"Please recognise that Lady Boothroyd is following her doctor’s advice and scrap this inhumane, time-wasting investigation.”