Kim Leadbeater MP: Local people going extra mile to help others

I’ve been to as many of the fundraising events as I can and they’ve all been brilliant!

By Jane Chippindale
Tuesday, 29th March 2022, 3:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th March 2022, 3:48 pm

Kim Leadbeater MP writes: Parliament breaks up for Easter soon, so unless there are any major developments that mean we are recalled I am looking forward to spending some quality time in the constituency and maybe even having a few days off with my family. I hope you have got some nice Easter plans.

I have taken part in some really important debates in Westminster recently and there have been votes on a number of serious issues.

I gave my full support to the Government’s measures to help the people of Ukraine in response to Putin’s brutal war but voted against taking powers to strip British people of their citizenship without explanation.

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TRACTOR PULL: Phil ‘Titanium’ Roberts lifting Kim Leadbeater MP

I spoke in support of prioritising PE on the curriculum, on the need to tackle vital housing repairs, and to do more to support of children with special educational needs.

For me, one of the most important aspects of my job is listening to local people and taking their views and causes to Parliament.

I met a group of parents and carers last week who shared their stories of the challenges they have faced trying to get proper provision for their children with ADHD and autism and the need to improve Children’s Mental Health Services.

I will be campaigning hard for proper diagnoses and effective action plans for those children who could achieve so much more if they got the right support.

One year on I reiterated my full support for the teacher from Batley Grammar School who found himself at the centre of such controversy.

I will of course continue to offer my support to him and his family whilst being fully respectful of their privacy.

We have seen some heart-warming examples of how our community comes together in challenging times; whether it’s families fleeing the war in Ukraine or, closer to home, supporting Shirley and Beau from Roberttown in their fundraising campaign.

We’re all hoping for good news shortly that Beau’s test results will pave the way for her trip to America for treatment.

I’ve been to as many of the fundraising events as I can and they’ve all been brilliant – from the Motorbike Ride, the Midnight Walk, Blues Night and Tractor Pull – it has been amazing to see how creative people have been in thinking of different ways to raise money and bring people together.

The Tractor Pull was a particular highlight for me – I somehow ended up pulling the tractor and getting lifted up by Strongman Phil ‘Titanium’ Roberts!

The winning team, Farmer Geddon were very worthy victors after a high octane competition.

We have so many local people who are willing to go that extra mile to help others, or in the case of Tom Day and Andy Ainley, an extra 3,000 miles.

They work at Angloco in Batley and I met them just after they made a heroic trip to help deliver fire appliances to the emergency services in Ukraine.

It’s a reminder, if any were needed, just how lucky most of us are to be surrounded by friends and loved ones in relative safety.

Happy Easter. Kim

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