Residents anger on Dewsbury estate over rubbish collection dispute

Fed up: Residents of Wroe Street in DewsburyFed up: Residents of Wroe Street in Dewsbury
Fed up: Residents of Wroe Street in Dewsbury
Kirklees Council say they are trying to solve a dispute over rubbish collections on a Dewsbury estate.

Residents of Wroe Street say they are fed up of their communal bins not being emptied properly, resulting in waste littering the streets.

Retired businessman Chris Jenkinson, who has lived on the estate for 20 years, said: “Two weeks ago they did not empty bins which are now scattered everywhere.

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“They did send an e-mail to Paula Sherriff MP saying they were putting measures in place so it wouldn’t happen again. But three weeks later it has and on a bigger scale.”

Dewsbury MP Ms Sherriff has also written to Kirklees Council over the issue, which Chris says has upset dozens of his neighbours.

“We feel we aren’t getting anywhere,” he said. “This has been going on for a long time but has recently got worse.

“I wouldn’t normally complain but due to hygiene and the fact it’s on Quarry View, one of our main paths, it needs sorting correctly and promptly

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“I decided to take up the mantle and expected the situation to change but alas not. We seem to live in a world where no one is accountable and people and companies can just do what they want..

“Regulations and ombudsman don’t seem to work anymore and the little people are fed up and give up because they know no-one seems to care, so why bother.

“It’s a terrible world we live in and it’s getting worse. We see it with crime, violence and much more. No-one has proper respect for anything.”

Coun Rob Walker, Cabinet Member for Culture and Environment at Kirklees Council, said: “ We’re aware of issues around overflowing bins on Wroe Street and we’re working to help reduce this problem.

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“Communal bins are a great way of collecting waste from a number of properties at the same time, however, overloading of bins and contamination of recycled items can sometimes be a problem. We’re looking to find a way to help manage the amount of rubbish in communal bins at Wroe Street and help residents recycle more.”