Plans finally on track for Low Moor station

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Train users can breathe a sigh of relief as plans for Low Moor station have been approved after 50 years of waiting.

An application for a £10.5 million Network Rail project, on New Works Road, were approved earlier this month.

It is expected to open next year - 50 years after a previous Low Moor railway station was decommissioned.

Wyke councillor David Robinson (Ind), who is involved with the Friends of Low Moor Station, has campaigned for 10 years to see it happen.

He said: “It’s excellent news.

“It has been a long, long journey with a lot of hurdles to get over.

“It gives us access into Lancashire and it gives us access directly into Bradford.

“It just shows what can be achieved if you don’t give up. It is democracy at its finest hour.”

The station, on the Calderdale line, will include about 117 car parking spaces, with dedicated bays for disabled people and room for storing bikes.

A footbridge and ramps will also be built, along with waiting shelters, lighting and seating.

The application’s approval comes after setbacks involving safety standards.