Plain cigarette packets are now a step closer

Coun Mehboob Khan.
Coun Mehboob Khan.

Glitzy cigarette packs could be a thing of the past after government ministers voted to introduce standard packaging.

New plain packets could be introduced in 2015, after results of a review of the same scheme in Australia are analysed.

It means all cigarettes would be sold in the same standard packaging with only the name of the product, a health warning and security markings.

The news has been welcomed by Kirklees Council’s director of public health, Dr Judith Hooper, and Coun Mehboob Khan, chairman of the Kirklees Health and Wellbeing Board. Dr Hooper said: “I am delighted with this decision. The health consequences of smoking have a significant impact on individuals, families and communities within Kirklees. Children can be easily influenced and attracted by the variety of cigarette packaging currently available. I welcome the evidence review and am hopeful that this will lead to standardised packaging coming into place in 2015.”

Coun Khan added: “Smoking has a massive cost on society and I welcome this radical action to tackle this major health hazard. The health and wellbeing of children and young people in Kirklees is of paramount importance. If standardised packaging is introduced it will help to protect our children from the significant damage which a life time of smoking can cause and the benefits will be felt for us all.”