Win for campaigners battling to keep a dentist in Ravensthorpe

MP for Dewsbury Paula Sherriff
MP for Dewsbury Paula Sherriff

A fight for better dental care in Dewsbury has won its bid to keep a dentist in Ravensthorpe.

MP for Dewsbury Paula Sherriff says she has been assured that there will still be a practice in the area despite The Ravensthorpe Dental Surgery on Netherfield Road shutting last week.

Speaking after talks with NHS England, she said: “I’m proud that the local commissioning lead has confirmed that the future of dental services in Ravensthorpe for the local community have been secured.

“After a successful campaign by local ward councillors and I, instead of the contract being split between existing dentists in neighbouring communities, a new service will be commissioned in Ravensthorpe.

“I welcome the decision to retain an NHS dental practice in this area of need, though there remains a shortage of NHS dentistry here and across North Kirklees. This can only really be addressed through government action to fix the failed NHS dental contract.”

Miss Sherriff raised what she described as “the dire access” to dentists in her constituency with Teresa May during Prime Minister’s Questions last week when she urged the Prime Minister to guarantee that residents could access NHS dental care when they need it.

Responding, Mrs May said she would ask the Department of Health and Social Care to look at that specific case.

Miss Sherriff said residents who urgently need care or cannot travel have had to get treatment from Dentaid – a charity set up to provide dental services in the world’s most deprived countries.

She claims that five-year-old children in Dewsbury are three-and-a-half times more likely to suffer from tooth decay than their peers in Jeremy Hunt’s constituency.