The Full Monty: A Triumph of Male Camaraderie and Talent

The Dewsbury Collegians have done it again! Their latest production of The Full Monty, directed by Jane Ellaway, was a roaring success at Dewsbury Town Hall, thanks in no small part to the six male leads who brought their A-game to the stage.
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Jerry, Dave, Malcolm, Harold, Ethan, and Noah, played by Darren Smith, James Creegan, Jai Jai Ekins, Ian Roberts, Danny Brooks and Sean Milnes, delivered a performance that was both hilarious and heart-warming, showcasing the power of male camaraderie and the importance of friendship working well with Jerry’s on stage son Nathan (William Pawson).

Despite the last-minute change of venue from Batley Town Hall, the cast and crew pulled together to deliver a fantastic show.

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From the opening scene to the final curtain call, the audience was captivated by the chemistry between the six leads, who played a group of unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, New York, struggling to make ends meet. Their journey from despair to hope, from self-doubt to self-confidence, was a testament to the power of friendship and the resilience of the human spirit.

The Dewsbury Collegians' stage version of The Full Monty, at Dewsbury Town Hall.The Dewsbury Collegians' stage version of The Full Monty, at Dewsbury Town Hall.
The Dewsbury Collegians' stage version of The Full Monty, at Dewsbury Town Hall.

But the male leads were not alone in their success. They were supported by a strong chorus of dancers and singers, who brought energy and enthusiasm to every scene. They added an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to an already impressive show.

And let's not forget the great supporting actor roles, played by a talented cast of actors who brought depth and nuance to their characters. From Jeanette, the tough-talking piano player (Sarah Tolson), to Vicky, the ex-wife of one of the steelworkers (Kazia Gamble), to Keno, the flamboyant strip club owner (Lee Sharratt), every actor helped to create a rich and vibrant world that was both funny and poignant.

The choreography by Amy Sherry suited the show setting, with the cast executing the dance routines with ease. The musical direction by Anthony Martin was also top-notch, and his experience working with the Collegians for the first time helped to bring everything together.

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The set and lighting had to be rearranged due to the change of venue, but this did not detract from the overall performance. The Collegians adapted seamlessly, and the show was a triumph.

The Full Monty is a classic tale of friendship, love, and self-discovery, and the Collegians brought it to life with energy and enthusiasm. The audience was captivated from start to finish, and there were plenty of laughs and tears along the way.

Overall, The Full Monty was a fantastic production, and the Dewsbury Collegians should be proud of their hard work and dedication. If you haven't seen it yet, there are still tickets available through the Kirklees Town Hall website, and the show runs until Saturday night.

Don't miss out on this fantastic production!

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