Outcry as possible ‘Banksy’ artwork in Dewsbury is defaced by vandals

A possible Banksy artwork in Dewsbury, which was spotted by a local artist, has been vandalised.

By Jessica Barton
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 3:00 pm
Roger Simpson with the possible Banksy artwork before it was defaced.
Roger Simpson with the possible Banksy artwork before it was defaced.

Sixty-seven year old Roger Simpson spotted the artwork while walking down Union Street in Dewsbury a few weeks ago.

The painting stood out to Roger because the artwork of Charlie Chaplin and a young child was painted in a Banksy style.

But the artwork has now been defaced with obscene images - leaving the painting unrecognisable.

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Roger said: “It's a real shame and whoever painted it must be devastated because it is a good piece of work.

“If it is a Banksy artwork, how is he going to feel?

“If I had painted it I would be really disappointed that someone has vandalised it.

“It is weird that they have done this now - I don’t understand why they have done such a thing.

“I went and asked the business - Lee's Traditional Fish and Chips - in which the painting is on if they had anyone come in and ask for permission and they said that no one had been in and asked.

“It’s still a mystery and I am no expert at all.”

In a letter to the Dewsbury Reporter, Hilary Trotter believes more police are needed in the area to deter vandals from doing things like this in the future.

She said: “The wall painting on Union Street lasted just 24 hours before somebody decided to spray an obscene gesture in red paint - this just sums up what Dewsbury has to contend with.

“We need more policing to move vandals on.”