Natural foodbank is a future investment

ORGANIC GARDENER Dylan Barry planting trees.
ORGANIC GARDENER Dylan Barry planting trees.

A keen gardener has invested in the future both for nature and food stocks as people feel continue to feel the squeeze on their wallets.

Dylan Barry, of Chatsworth Terrace, Earlsheaton, has planted a living foodbank in which people can learn to grow, pick and prepare the produce from various types of trees.

He said: “It’s to help local residents have better food supplies and be better equipped to survive in hardship.”

Dylan, 45, planted about 120 trees last year and plans to plant another 420, including hazels, hawthorn and oaks, around the greenway between Earlsheaton to Chickenley.

“I realise that some of the harvests, the oak for example, will take a long time and I might not be around – it really is an investment in the future,” he said.

Dylan has been an organic gardener for about 13 years but became more heavily involved with this project when he moved to Dewsbury.

He said he became depressed after he lost his job and that the project was a chance to make a positive contribution.

There were some setbacks early on when vandals interfered with trees planted at the side of the greenway or removed canes, but Dylan became a bit savvier and started to plant trees off the beaten track.

A series of planting events have been planned for March and April. Anyone interested in contributing can call Dylan on 07427 620528.