Clients travel from all over the country for the photoshoots

How an Earlsheaton hotel has become the home of business photoshoots

A hotel in Earlsheaton has become the home of personal branding photoshoots, thanks to a West Yorkshire branding agency.

Sunday, 26th December 2021, 1:00 pm

Clients of Rushfirth Creative are regularly making the trip to the Heath Cottage Hotel from as far afield as Newcastle, London, Brighton and Bournemouth, bringing business into the area and helping putting it on the map.

“The term ‘personal branding’ can be defined in several ways, and can be expressed through clothing, style, colours, the way we speak - even our attitude!” said Kathryn Rushfirth, of the agency.

“In professional service sectors, personal branding plays a big role and is pretty much commonplace - most will have professional images created of their teams for their websites and social media accounts.

"Rushfirth Creative covers all those sectors, but we’re finding a huge increase in trade businesses who have got wise to the benefits of personal branding, and are using the work we do for them to a great advantage.”

During its monthly photoshoot days, Rushfirth Creative has had everyone from plumbers and electricians, to West End performers, to world-class athletes, to international speakers such as best selling author Richard McCann, having their branding images shot at Heath Cottage.

“It’s great that business owners from all over the UK are gravitating to this part of the world to have this work done," said creative director Howard Rushfirth.

"It's a humbling testament to the results we are accomplishing as they book up every month, so we are obviously over the moon about it.

"We are also pleased that it’s bringing positive exposure and revenue into the area.

“Some of our clients stay overnight at the hotel itself, and then go on to spend some time in Yorkshire while they are up here.

"And we often take our clients out for a meal after the shoot to our favourite local restaurant, Zucchinis in Batley, which is the finishing touch to a day that everyone enjoys, and that delivers great results.”

The agency ensures any potential Covid-related issues are taken into consideration.

“All we can do is comply with the ever-changing laws and guidelines on a day-to-day basis, keeping everyone as safe as possible, yet continuing with life and business as normally as possible," Howard said.

"For instance, we have clients booked in for January and February, and we just have to hope that we don't go into a full lockdown.”

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