Ravensthorpe's Eid-Milad Peace Procession

Green flags line the streets at Ravensthorpe's Eid-Milad Peace Procession

The streets of Ravensthorpe were blooming with green flags as Sufi-Muslim worshippers from mosques in Dewsbury, Batley, and Heckmondwike turned out for the town’s annual Eid-Milad Peace Procession.

Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 2:00 pm

The gathering was organised to honour prophet Mohammad’s birthday celebrations taking place across the globe.

An estimated 1,000 people walked behind a horse-drawn carriage used to escort local imams during this year’s event.

All those taking part in the procession also waved Green Sufi flags as a sign of love for nature and the environment.

The annual peace walk was organised by the Aslamiya Naqshbandi Jamia Mosque, on North Road.

Eid-Milad is the first celebration in the Muslim calendar year. The second one is Eid-Ul-Fitr - celebrating the end of Ramadhan - and the third religious event is Eid-Ul-Adha, commemorating Abraham’s test of faith and sacrifice.

Muslims celebrate the festival of Eid-Milad throughout the holy month of Rabi-Ul-Awwal, which is the third in the Islamic calendar, and this year coincides with the weeks falling in between late October and early November.

The windows and doors of homes are decorated with bright flickering illuminations during this month-long festival. These lights are put up to honour Prophet Mohammad’s birth in the Arabian city of Mecca more than 1,400 years ago.

Mazhar Bhatt, from the Aslamiya Naqshbandi Jamia Mosque, said: “This gathering was not a political march. It was a purely religious procession honouring Prophet Mohammad’s birthday.

“We decided to show everyone a shared British-Muslim culture by having a beautiful horse-drawn white carriage leading the way during this year’s Eid-Milad Peace Procession.

“Our message is one of peace and love. The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown we are all part of the same human family.

"We live on the same planet, and we all tend to face the same challenges. It is important we are there for each other in difficult times."

A special prayer service for global world peace was held after the procession returned back to its starting point. The crowds then went inside the mosque for early afternoon "Namaz" prayers.

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