Dewsbury Rams to make a stand against racism ahead of new season

Dewsbury Rams are making a stand against racism ahead of the 2021 season.

Monday, 15th March 2021, 7:00 am

The club has announced that both winger Andy Gabriel and hooker Reiss Butterworth will wear shirts sponsored by Rams Against Racism.

Sport has been firmly in the spotlight with footballers taking the knee in support of Black Lives Matter.

The Rugby Football League launched an anti-discrimination, diversity and inclusion campaign last October called TACKLE IT.

Dewsbury Rams coach Lee Greenwood
Dewsbury Rams coach Lee Greenwood

And now the Rams, a club with a proud history of embracing players from all backgrounds, have stepped up their efforts to ensure racism has no part in the sport.

The Rams do not tolerate abusive or racist language of any nature whether in the stands, on the pitch or online.

Rams head coach Lee Greenwood welcomed the move and said: “The club has shown once again that it is not afraid to confront difficult issues in society.

“We represent a diverse population in Dewsbury and together with our local community, will challenge any type of discrimination that may occur.

"It is important that professional clubs play a part in the eradication of racism of any kind and through 'Rams against Racism' it shows we are taking a stand.”

Every time Andy or Reiss score a try, Rams Against Racism will be read out over the speaker system.

Rams chairman Mark Sawyer added: “Dewsbury Rams have always stood against any form of discrimination, however now we believe a light needs to be shone more brightly on the issue to make it more visible.

"We encourage our supporters to help us fight against any form of racism in life and the sport.

"We as a club have always embraced people from all sections of our community. We are always trying to improve as we know things can get better.

"We have a community club ethos and welcome everyone in."

Andy Gabriel said he was proud to wear the slogan and added: “This is a subject I feel strongly about.

“Racism needs eradicating. It is learned behaviour. Nobody is born racist and we must do all we can to combat it.”

Reiss Butterworth said he was “honoured” to be involved in the campaign and added: “I think it’s great what the club is doing and I’m fully behind it. The club has my support 100%.”

The new season for the Rams starts with the Challenge Cup first round at Whitehaven on March 21 and in the Championship at home to the same opponents on April 2.