Geoff Nappey, who died in December, was a long-serving member of Dewsbury Photographic Group

Dewsbury Photographic Group pays special tribute to Geoff Nappey

Dewsbury Photographic Group has paid tribute to one of its long-standing members, Geoff Nappey, who sadly passed away in December.

By Dominic Brown
Monday, 17th January 2022, 5:00 pm

Geoff was popular with all members within the club. He served on the committee in various capacities and was responsible for the current and previous presidents gaining those roles by knowing they were capable and needed just a gentle shove in the right direction.

Paul Harrison, president of Dewsbury Photographic Group, said: "When I first joined the club, the first person to speak to me and to make me feel welcome was Geoff. This is something he did with all members new and old.

"He was always encouraging in the images you produced and encouraged you to enter all competitions, and if your picture scored a higher mark than his, he was always first to praise your image and encourage you to do more.

"He never critiqued an image you did, he left that to the judges, but encouraged you in your journey in photography as you improved over time.

"Geoff was an old school photographer and felt that his images should be formed in the camera and not manipulated by Photoshop or other image manipulation tools and never used them.

"His images always stood as they came out of the camera, and those images still trounced those of us who went to great efforts manipulating our images after taking them.

"His preferred genre was people, whether street or studio work, and his most successful images were generally in this genre.

"I’ll remember Geoff as servant leader in the club, humble, encouraging, knowledgeable and with a touch of Yorkshire grit and humour.

"My lasting memory will be Geoff grumbling at the back of the room when a judge gave his image a low mark but quick to heap praise on a fellow member who scored a higher mark.

"You will be missed, rest in peace Geoff."

As a tribute to Geoff, Dewsbury Photographic Group has shared this selection of some of his best images.

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