Dewsbury Park team’s mission backed by MP

Paula Sherriff MP with members of the Dewsbury Park Mansion Board.
Paula Sherriff MP with members of the Dewsbury Park Mansion Board.

Members of the Dewsbury Park Mansion Board recently met with Paula Sherriff MP to discuss how to progress their shared vision for improving the health and well-being of the population of Dewsbury.

Following her recent very successful get together of statutory and voluntary organisations involved in promoting a healthy future in the area, the MP is keen to promote the proposals for a Community Hub in Crow Nest Park and agreed to be an Ambassador for the project.

Paula Sherriff MP said; “A refurbished Mansion in the magnificent setting of the park would be a superb space for community-led groups and statutory providers to come together to offer activities for all sectors of the community.

“I share the vision of the Dewsbury Park Mansion Community Hub team: in partnership with Kirklees Council, they want to develop a democratic and accountable organisation managing an inclusive, diverse and creative space for Dewsbury residents.

“Other areas have shown that local authority/ voluntary sector partnerships can achieve amazing outcomes for the benefit of local people and I want to back this one.”

Following over two years of so far unsuccessful negotiation with Kirklees Council over the Community Asset Transfer of the former Museum building, the group are hopeful that the support from MP Paula Sherriff will provide an impetus to make progress.

Current Chair, Jenifer Devlin, said: “Our proposals tick so many of the boxes in the Council’s Corporate Plan, refreshed only last week at the council meeting on 17 July, that we find it hard to understand why we apparently can’t make more rapid progress on this project.

“I hope we now stand on the brink of a new way of working in partnership with Kirklees Council to achieve a breakthrough.”