Dewsbury fundraiser teams up with brewery to create a charity beer

In an effort to raise funds for bed poverty charity Zarach, fundraiser Lisa Skinner has collaborated with Ossett Brewery to create a charity beer.

By Jessica Barton
Saturday, 6th August 2022, 4:30 pm

Lisa, who works in Dewsbury, challenged herself earlier in the year to run 47 miles and climb more than 6,000 feet across two races, in support of bed poverty charity Zarach, which was set up by head teacher Bex Wilson.

Zarach delivers beds and basics to children in poverty across Leeds, Dewsbury and recently Calderdale, to help families in crisis rise up from surviving to thriving so children can eat, sleep and learn.

Lisa has now completed her first race, but while training for her next run, the 50 kilometre Heights Ultra she has collaborated with Ossett Brewery to create charity beer, Dream of Sheep.

Lisa Skinner is raising funds for bed poverty charity Zarach.

Lisa originally approached her local, The Riverhead Brewery Tap in Huddersfield, which is owned by Ossett Brewery, with the idea of brewing a charity beer in April.

Not only were Ossett Brewery happy to fabricate the idea, they are also rolling the beer out across 18 of their other pubs.

Lisa said: “To be honest I just thought if Richard (brewer at The Riverhead) would brew me a beer to sell in The Riverhead then that would help raise a little bit extra. I also thought it would also be a nice project that would hopefully raise some awareness.

“I didn’t know what to say when they agreed, thank you didn’t quite seem enough as I just wasn’t expecting it.

Lisa chose the name 'Dream of Sheep' as she wanted something that related to dreams.

“It’s so great to see a local business stepping up to support a local charity such as Zarach that supports families in Leeds, Dewsbury and Calderdale.”

Lisa was involved with the whole process of producing the beer, from brewing to naming.

Lisa added: “I chose the name Dream of Sheep as I wanted something that related to sleep and dreams, as that links back to the charity, but also a nice nod to Kate Bush never seems like a bad thing.”

A spokesperson from Ossett Brewery said: “With Lisa being a regular at the Riverhead in Marsden and when we found out about the wonderful work she had already been doing for the charity, it was great to be given the opportunity to help raise as much money as possible for the organisation.”

Lisa was involved with the whole process of producing the beer.

So, what’s next? Training is very much underway for Lisa as her second race, the Heights Ultra trail, is only six weeks away.

Lisa is preparing herself by combining long runs, cross training in the gym and working with a personal trainer to build strength and endurance in her legs to take on the hills.

On August 19, Lisa will also be hosting a Taskmaster style event at the independent brewery and tap room Zapato in Slaithwaite.

Again, Lisa has been moved by the kindness and support of local businesses, after Zapato offered her the space to host the event and agreed to offer all participants a free beer, at no cost to Lisa.

Lisa said: “I really want to offer things that are fun instead of simply asking for sponsorship, so I really hope everyone who comes enjoys it.”

Tickets to the Taskmaster event are limited, to book, visit

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