Cleckheaton woman finds her way back to Slimming World after a tragic accident

A woman from Cleckheaton found her way back to Slimming World after a tragic accident.

Thursday, 6th January 2022, 10:32 am
Stacey Scrutton

Stacey Scrutton, 33, from Cleckheaton has faced many challenged over the years with the help of Slimming World.

She said: “I first joined a Slimming World Group in 2011 and lost 8 stone in 12 months, I never felt as amazing as I did then my confidence and self-esteem was through the roof.

"Everything in my life felt great.”

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Stacey maintained the weight loss for nearly seven years until she was involved in an accident in 2018 which damaged her spine.

"I was in such a bad way," Stacey said. "The accident left me needing two spinal fusion operations and as someone who had danced all my life it totally broke me, I felt as though my life was over.

"I started to pile on the weight and then of course, the pandemic struck and before I knew it I had gained even more weight.

"I felt so low as I’d lost that control I had gained as a Slimming World member, and I had stopped committing to looking after myself. I started to do any ‘quick fix ‘diets I could, I drank shakes, had slimming injections, and tried fasting, none of which were sustainable.

"I felt more miserable.

"I even considered getting into debt to have weight loss surgery. I longed to feel strong, confident, and happy like I had done before the accident.

"Food was always my comfort and in those worrying and stressful times, I gained the weight and knew I had to do something about it.”

After trying other "quick fix diets", Stacey says she knew that going back to Slimming World was the answer.

She said: “I was nervous about stepping back through the doors of a Slimming World group but consultant Carol made that transition so easy, I have been back in group 9 weeks and I have lost 1 stone 7lb, I genuinely can’t believe it and I already feel like my confidence is soaring.

"I am so determined, I set myself small goals to achieve each week which keeps me focused and it’s great to feel that self-control. I feel like I can face anything.

"Although my spine will never be the same, the weight loss has eased my aches and pains which on most days excruciating, the less weight, the less pressure around my spine which also means I can be more active.

"Dancing will always be my love and my passion but for now walking at my own pace and increasing my emotional and physical strength is the key to my success. ”

Carol, slimming World consultant, said: “Trying a new food is an example of seeking out and embracing a challenge, which is then likely to support the seeking or being open to further new challenges and unfamiliar situations – in all aspects of life just like Stacey, we are so proud of her achievements so far, she has face so many challenges and to see her confidence grow each week with the support of everyone is incredible”