Park toilets shut for a month

The pavillion at Wilton Park in Batley. (D532C433)
The pavillion at Wilton Park in Batley. (D532C433)

It is known as the jewel in Batley’s crown but residents have raised concerns after the toilets at Wilton Park’s pavilion have been closed for a month.

The Bradford Road park was given a major £167,000 makeover earlier this year, including new public toilets.

But after the pavilion reopened at the start of the summer holidays, the loos were closed a week later due to a problem with the drain to the sewer.

It has meant the three ladies’ toilets and the three men’s loos plus urinals have now been closed for a month, leaving the pavilion with only one disabled toilet.

One concerned resident, who asked not to be named, told the News she was concerned the lack of toilets would put people off from visiting the park.

A Kirklees Council spokesman said: Unfortunately on occasions when a lot of people have used the toilets in the new pavilion they have become blocked.

“When this happened visitors have been asked to use the old park toilets.

“We investigated the cause and although the main sewage pipe which goes from the toilets to Bradford Road was jet washed and appeared to be clear, we have found some tree roots partially blocking the pipe.

“The problem is being rectified and the new toilets should be fully functioning in the near future.”

The old park toilets are located at the bottom of the park.