Orphan hedgehog released back into the wild

When little Thorny lost his mother last year it must have seemed like a bleak winter ahead.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 4th May 2013, 12:08 pm

But the hedgehog orphan has been given a new lease of life after he was taken in by the Friends of Rectory Park and nursed back to health.

Now he has been released back into Rectory Park, where he was found during a medieval event last September.

Chairman of the Friends Tim Duke said: “Phone calls were made to the local hedgehog sanctuaries but they were all full. It was thought that a trip to the vet might seal his fate.

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“At this point Kev Cale the Community Archaeologist who had been involved with our Thornhill Hall project let slip that he had taken in stray hedgehogs in the past and still had the cage and run he had used before.”

Mr Cale named the orphan Thornyhodge and looked after him until he was fit and healthy enough. He was released back into the park on Tuesday evening.