Prime Minister's behaviour is beneath contempt - Letters

From: Councillor Eric Firth, Labour, Dewsbury East ward

By Jane Chippindale
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 8:15 am
Under-fire Boris Johnson. Photo: Getty Images
Under-fire Boris Johnson. Photo: Getty Images

Councillor Eric Firth writes: Readers must have watched/read the news about the disgraceful behaviour by our Prime Minister and his cronies - partying away while the country was in lockdown, while people in hospital and care homes were dying alone.

We obeyed the rules, kept away from our families, and our children and grandchildren because it was for the greater good.

We stood outside and clapped for the NHS and all the essential workers.

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Yes, and there are pictures of Boris Johnson doing the same.

I think he is… well I’m afraid I can’t write down what I think of his behaviour or it won’t be printed.

Let’s just say, it was beneath contempt!

The unmitigating gall of the man, while we couldn’t see loved ones or even attend their funerals they were having parties in number 10.

He has constantly denied all knowledge of this for weeks, but now surprise, surprise he has finally admitted that the party happened and has given a mealy mouthed apology to Parliament and the nation.

So the previous denials that these parties simply did not happen were blatant lies.

And as for the apology, it was mealy mouthed because shortly after he was reported to have said that the people don’t understand it was just work related.

Well, can I tell you what I understand, when I read the email sent out to many people (we have all seen it) about the event and to bring your own booze, an event that he and his wife attended.

That in my mind is undoubtedly a party.

This from a Prime Minister who tells us to obey all the rules he, the cabinet and the scientific advisors set.

But clearly the rules don’t apply to him and his cohorts - do as I say, not as I do.

It makes no wonder that the nation is enraged.

Will he resign? Well, by this time next week we should know.

Whether he jumps or is pushed remains to be seen.

What I also cannot understand is the attitude of the police while all this was going on.

In lockdown people were being arrested and fined for the same thing that was happening in Number 10.

Well forgive me if I’m wrong but it’s my understanding that Westminster is the most heavily policed area in the country.

Why didn’t they apply the same rules to the rulers of our country as they did to ordinary people throughout the rest of the country?

They cannot say they were unaware, that simply won’t wash.

I think the police have questions to answer, don’t you?